Autolinx Inc prides itself on being a good neighbor and active member of the community in Vallejo for over 10 years. In that time, we have learned how to manage and work through tough times together and how to keep our customers and employees feeling connected and safe.

Your health and safety are the most important thing right now as we all look to each other to get through this difficult time.  If you are feeling uneasy about visiting, please call and reach out and we will work with you as best we can.  We have employees on hand to pick up vehicles for service and we will accommodate your needs in every way possible. We are committed to making your visit to our dealership comfortable and safe.

With the shelter in place order for some Bay Area counties on March 16, 2020 we have temporarily reduced our staff down to the minimal necessary to assist our customers needs while protecting our employees. Please be assured that if your vehicle is in need of repair our service center is open. We are also available if you are in need of purchasing a vehicle. Even though Solano County is not in the 6 counties told to shelter in place, we feel like these are the right actions to take at this time.

We also want to assure you that we continue to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation and have taken some further steps to assure the safety and health of our customers, neighbors, and friends. We will continue to be in contact with the appropriate local and federal agencies to ensure we are incorporating the latest information and guidance for our service.
Our dealership is thoroughly deep cleaned each night, and we have raised our usual standards of cleanliness and health safety even higher as follows:
  • We are reminding employees through multiple channels about washing hands often. We are talking to them about it, providing additional literature, and providing additional hand sanitizer dispensers as well.
  • We are buying more cleaning and disinfectant supplies and have increased the frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces in public areas.
  • We are treating customer cars that come in for service the same way – by disinfecting them before our technicians diagnose and repair these vehicles;
  • We are reinforcing training procedures to ensure cleaning processes are implemented properly by our employees.
  • If an employee appears to be suffering from flu-like symptoms, they will be asked to promptly seek medical attention and to remain at home until they are free of symptoms.

The health and safety of our guests and employees will always be our most important consideration, especially in these challenging circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the dealership and I will be happy to help.

Ed Murad
General Manager
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